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MAF is proud to announce that we've found the perfect solution to the problem of how to reach out and help our troops in Afghanistan and their loyal military working dogs. MAF is now including DOG GOGGLES, BOOTS and TREATS in our special packages available now, specifically tailored for a soldier/marine + K9 combat team.

In addition to the regular recipe of coffee, cookies, beef jerky, gatorade and other items, these care packages each include a pair of goggles, a set of four doggie boots, and a bag of treats.

As we all know, our troops serving overseas must go to great lengths to deal with the harsh environment of the Middle East. In the summer the days are a scorching 120+ degrees, and in the wintertime the mountains of Afghanistan are covered in snow and temperatures reach extreme sub zeros.

Military dogs have to deal with the same harsh environment as our soldiers. Dust storms obscure a dogs visibility and interfere with a dog's acute sense of smell, which is critical to their job of finding IEDs and roadside bombs. The rocky terrain and poorly built roads also plague the dogs because they don't have boots to protect the pads on their paws. Please help us support our Troops' best friend.


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K9 Pack - Small Pack

Military working dog
$24.99 Qty

K9 Pack - Large Pack

Military working dog
$49.99 Qty

K9 Pack - Company Pack

Military working dog
$599.99 Qty

K9 Pack - Platoon Pack

Military working dog
$199.99 Qty

K9 Pack - Squad Pack

Military working dog
$99.99 Qty

K9 Pack - Battalion Pack

Military working dog
$999.99 Qty


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