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The holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving, is always a difficult time for our troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. They will be missing their moms and dads, brothers and sisters. Many will be missing their wives and children, some that may have been born while they were deployed.

We ask so much from our troops, and they make that sacrifice without asking anything in return. The least we can do is support them with some love and comfort from home, with a message of appreciation.

Send the heroic men and women of our U. S. military a Thanksgiving care package filled with tons of good treats and other comfort items to offer them a gift from home while these heroes are serving their country in the Middle East.

For Thanksgiving we are including 2 special seasonal items: sweet Candy Corn and delicious Baked Pumpkin Seeds!

Sponsor multiple packages to help touch the lives of literally hundreds of U.S. military personnel stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan this holiday season.

Your donation for this care package includes shipping to our U.S. servicemen and/or women stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, plus your own personalized message included with the care package!

Care Packages Include mostly Coffee, Cookies and Jelly Beans but could include any or all of the following:

Boca Java Coffee
Oreo Cookies
Chap Stick
Painted Hills Beef Jerky
Planters Trail Mix
Ocean Spray Craisins Trail Mix
Candy Diplomacy Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
For The Troops CDs
Diana Nagy "The Journey of Life" CDs
Hot Chocolate
Hot Apple Cider
Bug Repellant
Battery Operated Fans
Wet Wipes
Foot Powder


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